Top summer essentials

Hi guys! I woke up today and I felt like shopping online. There are still some things that I need to buy before my next holidays. So I just thought I will share it with you and you might advise me what should I go for?

I love summer, it’s my favourite season so I really don’t mind having too much summery clothes and accessories. Could you tell? Of course!



So today I am focusing mainly on: hats, handbags and sunnies. Let’s start from my favourite!



CULT GAIA from £98


ASOS £15.00

net.pngNET- A- PORTER £115




ZARA £39.99 (on sale now!)


My biggest discovery in this season is definitely an Instagram designer of personalised summer hats that you can find by clicking in here: bitsandpiecestogo

I think I might order one of theses if my perfect one does not exist in the online world.

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania bits and pieces logo hat

Here’s what I found online:

Slide View: 1: Wide Brim Straw Hat



REVOLVE £138.00


ASOS £18.00



BOOHOO £12.00



Ok, so this year I am finally willing to invest more money for a pair of proper sunglasses (the cheap ones are so bad for your eyes!) but I will try to list both the affordable and high street ones in here. My absolute favourite is:


PRADA £260

Main Image - Dior So Real 59mm Brow Bar Sunglasses

DIOR £360

MIU MIU £250



Mirrored-lens sunglasses - Gold - Ladies | H&M GB 1

H&M £9.99

So what do you think? To be fair, I could have them all (if I lived in a warm country haha) but I will probably choose Zara bag, one of the Asos hats and I have no clue which sunglasses since I love them equally!

Is any of these in your taste??


One thought on “Top summer essentials

  1. Straw bag is at the top of my shopping list. And I guess I need new hats and drama sunglasses. It’s July, it is time to renew my wardrobe and begin thinking about new styles, colors, and outfits that are fitting to the season that welcomes summer.


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